Amenities Sets

Description: Get a supply of bulk hotel toiletries for your resort. Resort supplies offers hotel toiletries supplies and kits that include all of the essentials for your guest’s needs. You can buy a whole kit containing Shampoos, toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, moisturizer,  shower gel etc.


Tubed Cosmetics

Description: Get all the cosmetic for your guest’s requirements in easy to use tubes. Cosmetics tubes come in small sizes for short time usage and don’t lead to much wastage.


Bottled Cosmetics

Description: For guests staying for a long period of time you need to make sure that they have to ask for frequent refills.  We provide an extensive variety of bottled products for resorts/hotels



Sacheted Cosmetics

Description: For guests who have an extremely short duration of stay sachets cosmetics are best for one or two-day usage. Sachets are use and throw hence lead to minimal or no wastage.


Empty Tubes

Empty Tubes

Description: For hotels/ resorts that want to use their own cosmetics or a specific brand we provide empty tubes for easy refill.


Empty Bottles

Empty Bottles

Description: Qwench the thirst of your guest with our non toxic quality material bottles. Buy Empty bottles from us in Bulk at wholesale rate.



Description:Lather in the fragrance of natural scents with our soaps. Buy natural, skin nourishing soaps for Guest from resort Supplies.



Description:Buy branded and high quality cosmetics for great skin care of your guests. We provide a wide range of cosmetics for hotels and resorts.

Shoe Sponge

Shoe Sponge

Description: Add some shine to shoes with our wholesale shoe sponges. Buy quality sponges from Resort supplies

Shaving Kitss

Shaving Kits

Description:  A well groomed man can turn a lot of heads. Buy razors, brushes, foam, shaving cream etc to prepare wholesome shaving kit for the men that stay in your resort/hotel


Hair Combs

Description: Buy a wide variety of sturdy combs for your hotel/resort needs.


Dental Kits

Description : For the sweet tooth and those obsessed with Oral hygiene, get dental kits on wholesale. Dental Kit contains tongue brush, a dental mirror, a dental pick and toothpicks with floss.


Laundry Bags

Description: Get laundry bags in different size and shapes  in wholesale to stock up the dirty laundry.



Description: Get good quality bath towels, hand towels etc in wholesale for your hotel/resort at affordable prices from us.

Bath Robesimages

Bath Robes

Description: We have a collection of soft, comfortable bathrobes for men, women and kids. Buy these in wholesale from Resort supplies for your hotel/resort.