Fire Fighting Equipment

Description:We all know the safety of the guest should be paramount. Hence every floor and possibly every nook and corner must have a fire fighting equipment in reach. Buy Fire fighting equipment in wholesale from us


Personal Alert Systems

Description: It is important to give a non-verbal communication option to your staff and your guests. Get Personal Alert systems installed for such communication and all related equipment from us.


Fall Protection Equipment

Description: Buy Fall Protection Harness, Safety Lanyards, Self-Retracting lifelines, guard rails, lifelines and other Fall protection equipment in wholesale for the safety of your workers


Communication Equipment

Description: Behold the old telephones with wires. Calling the reception or calling the kitchen was never so easy. Buy cheap Communication equipment from Resort supplies.


Marine Safety Equipment

Description: Buy wholesale Marine safety equipment such as Solas life raft, offshore work vest, marine life jacket, lifebuoy rings, life raft, immersion suit and personnel transfer basket from Resort supplies

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Description: An emergency can knock on your door any day, we have to prepared with the First Aid we can provide. We offer Wholesale First Aid Kids from us for your resort/hotel.


Gas Detection Equipment

Description: A gas leak should be detected before it gets hazardous, hence you need Gas detectors at your hotel/ resort. Buy it from us at cheap rates.

Emergency Lighting Equipment

Emergency Lighting Equipment

Description: Adequate lighting is important for any room and emergency lighting is important for any emergency. We have a wide collection of emergency lighting for those hours in need