We are known to give round the clock service to our clientele. We have well-trained team and a fabulous infrastructure which takes our quality products to our customers door. our team understands the needs of our customers and is always geared to go to any length to keep them happy and satisfied


We assure 100% safety of food products. We do inspection of our products before shipping. Our main vision is to identify the customer’s requirement and serve them in a professional manner without any compromise in quality.



We are specially taking care of fresh items packing, we use foam boxes and ice gel for packing. We have our own warehouse and experienced staff to handle all this process. We also provide customized packing solution tailor-made to our customer needs.



our company is equipped with fully integrated ware housing facility combining a cold storage capacity of 2000 tons and dry food storage capacity of 100tons.We use our own chiller trucks to transport this items from warehouse to the Airport. After all this process, our well dedicated office staffs always provide a better documentation on time to clear the shipment without any delay to the customers.



The purchase function sources Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Vegetables, Dairy and Dry Products from all over the world such as Australia, Brazil, Denmark, India, New Zealand, China, Holland, France, Italy, China, Japan, Korea, U.S.A and so on. The long-trusted relationship with our suppliers helps to maintain prompt and regular supplies at favorable terms.

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